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Hey there everyone.? Martin here is the USA.? I have a page of comic book art I would like to identify.? Actually I have two items I would like to identify.? One is a 10 page set of pencils, for a mickey and goofy comic.? They are the Wright Brothers, and are building an airplane.? One panel shows a large plane, like a dc-10? and the hop the wright brothers plan took in comparison.? 

Another is a single page finished pencils, 4 rows, two panels per row, of the junior woodchucks, about to bathe a dog.? Donald?points in the first panel for?them to wash the dog.? ?Two of the three?boys?put on? what look like space helmuts and give the dog a bone to chew on while washing him, much to donald's happiness.? Balloons are empty of text.? I can send images of both to anyone interested.? The single page came through an auction at one point, and was labeled? "Disney Comic book art, 1970's"? 

Thanks for your help!!!? Best wishes,? Martin May

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Hello dcml-members,

I?m working on my diploma on italien comics and I?m urgentlly looking for 
high-resolution scans of two Topolino covers from 1932.

If anyboby could send such a scan to me it will help me a lot.

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