Don Rosa: the waiting time is over

nils at nils at
Sat Mar 15 15:05:33 CET 2008

Finally, after five years of cumbersome circumventive
rotational calendaric actions, we are back to home ground
again, and can use our Don Rosa calendar as it is.
Since 2008 is a leap year, allowing a Friday February 29,
March 1 is a Saturday again -- just as in 2003!

For five years we, the users of the Don Rosa 2003
calendar, have managed, by the clever device of
writing Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun on small
pieces of yellow stick-its paper, and patiently affixing
these in the appropriate places, at the start of every
new month. But now we're back in sync, and the
2003 calendar looks better than ... if not ever, then
since 2003.

The next time the calendar will be as easily workable
& interpretable again, and free of yellow stick-its,
appears to be in 2014.

Nils Lid Hjort

PS: With modest archaeological efforts I succed in finding
the following DCML message from May 2003, under the title
      " happy Wendseday, Don Rosa ":

We know Don Rosa as a thorough, dependable guy, with
a meticulous attention to details of facts & fiction. As a memorable
preface in a book with and about his work has it,
    " This is a person not content simply to draw 4900 people
    if his school teacher had asked him to illustrate "Jesus feeds
    five thousand". "
This explains the *culture shock* the Norwegian population was
exposed to yesterday, when they innocently and happily threw
their collective glances at their calendars, to check that this was
indeed May 7, important liberation-from-war day for 57% of European
nations, and also the birthday of one of our planet's most wondrous
composers ever (1833-1897). It was May 7 indeed, but our Don Rosa
calendars proclaim that this was ... "Ondsag". A diabolic counter-counter-
counter message over the counter from Mr Rosa, no doubt, creating in
our innocent minds connections between May 7 and ... Evil Saws! Our
genuine "onsdag" is named after our own Odin ... might there be a fiendish
plot & putch to throw out the Nordicness of our souls, starting with
midweek-day, inserting these Evil Saws instead? Is not only Mr Rosa,
but also the CIA involved in this subversive scheme? What is next,
"Sheffield Wendseday" beats Manchester Disunited?

No wonder everyone from school pupils to university professors had
difficulties focussing on studies and work yesterday. I suggest that
either we have to sue Mr Rosa, in a massive collective legal effort which
will leave Big Tobacco and Ugly Asbestos as peanuts to the chickens
-- or he will have to sue Egmont.

Nils Lid Hjort

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