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I've written to a few comic related personalities and a couple of comic news feeds to spread the word on Don. I got  response from and got the reply I'm including below. I thought maybe some of you could provide a bit more information than I could. Barry, as your e-mail was publicly listed in the DCML archive, I hope you don't mind that I singled you out as a good possible source.

All of Mike's contact information is listed, if anyone else would like to talk to him. I'm also hoping to here from, or get mentions from: Neil Gaiman, Peter David and I've also mentioned Don on my myspace page. (  If any of those other sources contact me,  I will probably send the same information I sent Mike.

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John -- 

Yep, I've known Don for decades, and he's a regular on the convention circuit so I think our readers will know him, too. If they don't, they should.

Can you give me any details? When was the surgery? What's the prognosis? Will he be able to work after he recuperates? I'll run the full story.



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I was wondering if you'd consider giving a shout out for Don Rosa, the prolific writer/artist behind many great Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comics. He is spending the next six months recuperating from surgery for a detached retina, and I thought people might like to keep him in their thoughts and prayers.
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