What causes the retinal detachment.

Georgios Balanikas MD, PhD gbalanik at altecnet.gr
Sun Mar 30 23:45:28 CEST 2008

> Don's vision has been suffering for many years, and the level of detail he
> puts into his long stories most certainly contributed to it.  I have 
> watched
> him hovering closely over his work and was often reminded of the character
> played by Donald Pleasence in THE GREAT ESCAPE.  He portrayed an excellent
> forger who also lost his vision when the constant hours of highly detailed
> paperwork aggravated his myopia to the point of blindness.

No, fortunately this is not true. I've explained the causes of the retinal 


  > Fortunately Don's condition has not reached that point, but it would be
> unrealistic to think that his vision will actually improve.  The best we 
> can
> all hope for is that his situation does not worsen.  It is more likely 
> that
> his vision problems can only be slowed.  He has known (obviously) that his
> eyes are not what they used to be, and it probably helps explain the
> reduction in his output in recent  years .
> I know everyone on DCML hopes that the coming weeks will see Don recover
> most of his vision so he can pursue either further work or whatever
> interests  him.  He has told me he genuinely appreciates the concern you
> have expressed and that I have relayed to him.
> Dan Shane
> (danshane at bellsouth.net)
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