Amazing Disney Comics references in WEEKLY STANDARD parody piece!

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Don't you mean "true red conservative"?  Uh wait, no, that doesn't sound right!  Makes it sound like a communist conservative - but that's hard-line.  Huh???  Oh boy, my little stars and disappointing comets, I'm soooo confused.  Chris, as our resident conservative, can you please explain this conundrum to me/us????

No wonder i can't figure politics out!

Cheers and happy Thanksgiving - and remember that in spite of anything else - politically, financially, globally - we all have our loved ones and one another and that right there is a whole lot to be thankful for.

Chuck (and Becky and Kathryn)

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> I am too busy laughing. Carl Barks as a true blue
> conservative would heartily approve.
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> being unexpectedly politicized?  Joe. -----Original
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> How about THIS for an unexpected reference to Scrooge
> McDuck and company in popular (with conservatives, anyway)
> media: 
>  I'll also post a link to this on my blog. The Launchpad
> McQuack reference REALLY caused my eyes to pop. Someone at
> THE WEEKLY STANDARD is definitely a Disney comics -- and
> perhaps even Disney TV animation -- fan!  Chris 
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