Coloring in the Gemstone Rosa hardcovers

Elaine Ramshaw elaine1 at
Sun Oct 5 05:50:29 CEST 2008

I realize that the Gemstone Rosa hardcovers, due to start appearing in 2009,
are versions of the Rosa volumes of the European Hall of Fame books. My
question is: Do any of you know (or, is anyone willing to reveal) whether
the coloring in the Gemstone books will be the same as in the European
books? I saw a description that says they'll be "recolored," but it's not
clear to me whether that means the stories will be recolored for American
readers because we'll see them in European rather than American coloring, or
whether it means that the stories are being recolored in the other
direction, from the European to the American. (I have no idea whether all
the various countries' editions of the Hall of Fame books have had the same
coloring.) And I know that even in the USA, some of the stories have
appeared with two or three different colorings.... (I have "Last Sled to
Dawson" colored by Mike McCormick, Scott Rockwell and Susan Daigle-Leach.) 

I generally prefer recent American coloring to recent European coloring, so
I'm hoping the Gemstone hardcovers will have Gemstone coloring. If Susan
Daigle-Leach has colored a story, I don't want to see it in hardcover
colored by anyone else! Even in her early "Sue Daigle" work, as in "Fir-Tree
Fracas"--I prefer her tree with clear glass ornaments and colored lights to
the Hall of Fame tree with colored ornaments (not to mention Gyro's blond
hair and bright green hat!).


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