HD&L's parents

GGK ggk at wp.pl
Mon Oct 6 21:08:31 CEST 2008

Elaine writes :

>The hint points to their being in the vicinity of Tralla La.
> That would account for their being out of contact with Calisota and the 
> rest
> of the world.

This idea makes sence to me, and I like it.

Don Rosa once point out that the story of HD&L parents return, would never 
had a happy end. They either would have to vanish agian on the end, all take 
the boys away from Donald (and I somehow can imagine having a scene with 
HD&L telling their parents "Look, Unca Donald did take care of us, you 
didn't, so we prefer to stay with him. Sorry...") Than agian "The Simpsons" 
didn't had a problem showing a story of Homers Mother abanding him and 
returning, withouth making it too sad, so I  wonder if ther could be a way 
to do somthing similar in a duck story... I seen some stories that had some 
very totchy/sad moments and where done pretty well...  There was this 
Italian story where one of HD&L gets lost during a scubadiving mission, and 
Donald and two othe boys think his dead, and emotions where shown In a great 
way, without making it to sad for kids, or another story where Child servise 
try to take HD&L away from Donald, and was handle in a very mature way...
Anny way, I truly don't see a problem with a HD&L parents returns, and I 
don't see how it would ruin the Duck-continuity...

[Actually many writers don't care about continuity in Duck-univers set by 
Carl Barks... Two days ago I read a story where Scrooge wanted to buy a 
castle in Scotland beacose he NEVER had one... Oh, well...]

>"I wish to speak to you three on another matter.... My
> aide, Lahdee Dah, tells me your names are Huey, Dewey and Louis...of the
> land of Duckburg? ["well, yes, that's correct," they reply] Tralla La has
> many secrets...but one unspoken truth involves you children! But for now, 
> I
> can tell you no more! If you do not succeed in saving our valley, this 
> truth
> matters not! But if you do succeed, return here and we will speak!"

"Lahdee Dah" sounds a bit like a anaram for "Della"... Or I just got 
obsesive? ;)

> (My godson at age 10 wanted the parents to have had to go into outer space
> for some reason to save the world;

Kids often have the most clever ideas :)

To bad the story of Della returning will never happend... But who knows? 
Maybe one day... 

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