HD&L's Parents/Parents In Space?

Dan Cunningham dcunn74 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 23:41:09 CEST 2008

Hi, all:

Been reading the threads and would like to throw in my thoughts:

Gary makes a great point about the space concept. I think the time frame of
Don Rosa's Duckburg events would fit nicely with the evolving U.S. space
program! I never considered the idea of their parents as astronauts myself,
but that would make for a ripping yarn... plus Donald, Scrooge and the kids
are no strangers to the stars as we've seen from the pen of many artists and
writers, including Barks himself.

I personally thought that since HD&L are such bold and successful Junior
Woodchucks, they come from military bloodlines on their father's (Daisy's
Brother) side. It would make sense if their Dad was stationed overseas as a
higher-up General or such, Della and Hortense would be there with him.
Leaving Donald the only logical person other than Grandma Duck to raise the
kids back in the states. Threats of war or hostile conditions are not the
best conditions to raise 3 boys, after all. That's just another concept, and
Don Rosa or anyone who has the rights can use it!

I'd also love to see Matilda visit Duckburg and introduce her husband as
Ludwig Von Drake! A true duck family reunion would make for an awesome
book-length story! But I hope everyone holds Barks as Barks, Rosa as Rosa,
VanHorn as Van Horn, etc. There are lots of ways to depict these characters,
and the essence of who they are is their personalities, not their back
story! After all, Mickey Mouse can be a suburban dweller, a detective, and a
movie star all at once or in different realities. Everyone has an opinion,
and the Ducks are anything we want them to be.

Thanks - Dan
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