Attention Deficit Donald!

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Wed Oct 8 13:04:17 CEST 2008

Leo wrote:

"On  Donald Duck vs. Homer Simpson: Homer has raised sloth and goofing off
to a  life's principle!  Donald suffers more from Attention Deficit
Syndrome  which might explain his constant changing of careers
interspersed with  periods of unemployment and poverty ("A Christmas  for
Leo, that my be one of the best summations of the comic book Donald I've  
ever seen!  
Yet, even Homer and his Family Guy counterpart, Peter Griffin,  occasionally 
become very successful "masters" at something, before their  inevitable fall 
and return to the Nuclear Plant and "whatever Peter does these  days" 
(brewery?), respectively.  Just a convention of comedic series  fiction, I suppose... 
Joe Torcivia. 

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