New Don Rosa's?

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I have always thought the lack of proper distribution hindered both
Gemstone and Gladstone: children's sections or comic sections of major
bookstores (Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc) never carry Uncle Scrooge or
anything else.  One must always visit a specialty comic shop, to which
many parents would be loathe to take their children, given the violent
superhero stuff to be found there.  (I assume some are child-friendly,
but I have yet to find one in the 4 major American cities I have lived

The other problem: why has Gemstone not been looking for successors to
Rosa and Barks?  There must be some budding young artist doodling away
somewhere who could assume the throne!  Don Rosa might even know of
people himself: perhaps he has all kinds of stories in his head which
"simply" need to be drawn.

Why has the development of a new generation of artists for Uncle Scrooge
and company not happened?

Answer: bad, short-sighted management!

Let us hope this is not the end of the Barks/Rosa Universe!

Best Wishes!

Leo Schulte

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