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Olaf wrote:
First: Why Gemstone? Gemstone clearly has not had a budget for developing
new stories, which is why they've based most of their publications on
reprints and European material. Why should Gemstone be responsible for
finding a successor to Don Rosa when Don Rosa never worked for Gemstone?

That is not clear to me at all: a company which sells comic books needs
to worry about developing artists for the future.

I wrote:
> There must be some budding young artist doodling away
> somewhere who could assume the throne!

Olaf wrote:

But... There ARE many great artists and writers currently making Disney
comics. Vicar. Marco Rota. Bill Van Horn. Kari Korhonen. Giorgio
Cavazzano. Rodriques. Maximino. And that's just the artists, don't forget
John Lustig, Janet Gilbert and a ton of other great writers. All of them
and more make comics in the tradition of Barks, what's wrong with them?

I do not believe they approach the level of Don Rosa or Carl Barks.  Van
Horn and Pat Block are very nice, just not on the same "epic" level.

I wrote:
> Why has the development of a new generation of artists for Uncle
> and company not happened?

Olaf wrote:
It has happened, and it's still happening. It's just not happening in the
United States.

Since Gemstone is an American company, that was precisely my concern!

I wrote:
> Answer: bad, short-sighted management!
Olaf wrote:
Rubbish. There clearly are great artists and writers out there. Gemstone
aren't producing and finding them, but Gemstone never did.

I will repeat: they should be!  It is their business!

I wrote:
> Let us hope this is not the end of the Barks/Rosa Universe!

I will now add for clarity: "In America."

Best Wishes!

L. Schulte

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