Canceled Items

Carl Lund clund at
Sat Feb 28 17:50:33 CET 2009

Stefan writes:

On Amazon I find things like this: <>

 From the description, I take it that these are some kind of not-yet-published 
overpriced hardcover reprints of Gemstone's Disney comics. Why are these being 
published? Have they been published in the past too?

If I am reading that Amazon listing correctly, it's simply C&S in a 
library binding. They are being published to be sold to libraries.
I would say that's a wise idea. Libraries are buying more graphic 
novels, but want them in a sturdy format. Hence, library bindings.
I know, as a teacher, that my school often spends more for library-bound 
editions of, say, novels because they're going to get used over
and over. The initial higher price is offset by a lower need to 
repurchase the title in a year or two.


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