Upcoming Don Rosa Library in USA - Fan sketches?

Tom Wormstedt t.wormstedt at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 21:11:48 CET 2009

Gary Leach or David Gerstein,

With the first volume of the Don Rosa Library arriving soon (and I presume
more volumes after that) - have Gemstone or Disney ever given any thought to
including any 'fan sketches' in any of the collections?  I know in the Barks
Libraries they reprinted quite a number of sketches there.  I bet there's
probably hundreds or thousands of sketches out there that Don has done for
fans over the years.  If so how would we go about having them submitted?

I have a color drawing of Young Scrooge earning his first dime (hammering
the ditchdigger's boots) - I think it predates the creation of the Lo$
series by a couple years.

Tom Wormstedt
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