Gemstone Still in Business?

Leo Schulte schulte at
Wed Jul 1 13:44:08 CEST 2009

Greetings to Everyone!

This arrived in this morning's e-mail from

"Pre-order Uncle Scrooge #391 by Michele Gazzarri Available July 15, 2009"

"In Romano Scarpa's "Fifty Money Bins Caper," Scrooge tries foxing the Beagle Boys by constructing a fleet of new storage bins... and hiding his money in a new one every week! Sounds like a good idea till the construction costs come due - and the Beagles kidnap Donald to make the tracking job simpler! Next, McDuck and Flintheart Glomgold fight over a treasure-rich beach in "Little House By the Sea"; then Scrooge and Donald seek rare violins in Bob Gregory and Tony Strobl's much-demanded "Fabulous Fiddlesticks!" A Don Rosa cover wraps the book."

At the bottom one reads that "Gemstone" is publishing the comic book!  Is this just "entropy" at work, so to speak, and in reality no such issue will actually appear?

Interesting!  We will see what happens!   

Best Wishes!

L. Schulte

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