Q: Guido Martina and Gazzetta del Popolo

armando.botto at libero.it armando.botto at libero.it
Fri Jul 3 22:10:20 CEST 2009

> So the question is: was signor Martina working for the paper right at that period and maybe even was translating/editing or even perhaps choosed that strip to be published? Is there any evidence on this presumption?

Probably not. Martina once said, talking about his experience at "Gazzetta del Popolo": "A job I didn't like, and which didn't last long: the newspaper sent me to cover an event related to Torino's sewing-women, who were celebrating some anniversary, then I decided to quit, also because I was more interested in cinema".
He would certainly have mentioned the Mickey Mouse strips, had he been involved...


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