Boom! Studios' Bone...

Carl Lund clund at
Sat Jul 4 02:14:23 CEST 2009 Barks fans.  An Amazon search reveals the following future titles 
listed as coming from Boom!:

March 2010:  Donald Duck Classics: Quack Up (Barks)

Feb. 2010: Mickey Mouse Classics: Mouse Tails (Barks [?])

Jan. 2010: Walt Disney's Valentine's Classics Vol. 1 (Barks, Walt Kelly, 
and Daan Jippes)

Nov. 2009: Walt Disney's Christmas Classics Vol. 1 (Barks, Gottfredson, 
Kelly, Jippes)

All are listed as  either 112 (DD and MM) or 128 (the holiday ones) 
pages and $24.99, hardcovers.

Also as 112 pages:

Feb 2010: Life and Times of Scrooge Vol. 1
Apr 2010: Life and Times, Vol. 2

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