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Sun Jul 5 18:29:30 CEST 2009

Does anyone know how I can get a subscription to the English language edition of Lustige Taschenbücher in the United States? The USA distributor (GLP) only provides the German edition.


Steve Richter
Norman OK

steve at


Hi Steve 

Thank you for your subscription request, which was passed on to us by the publishers of the German edition LUSTIGES TASCHENBUCH. We service subscriptions to the German edition only:

Disney Lustiges Taschenbuch subscriptions in the USA are mailed from New Jersey:

$ 90/1 year
$ 48/6 months
$ 26/3 months

To order:

For English Disney publications simply ask you local magazine retailer

With best regards
Angelika Koops
GLP International
PO Box 9868
Englewood NJ 07631-6868

Phone: 1.201.871-1010
Fax: 1.201.871-0870
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