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Tue Nov 3 15:53:31 CET 2009


For the sake of clarity I perhaps should have said "were using the  
Gemstone version of the logo", since the "and friends" element was  
added for the Gemstone series.


> Gary Leach wrote that the cover of the new Boom Mickey Mouse Comics  
> "were using the Gemstone logo". This logo is
> nearly identical to the original title screen logo of the classic  
> Mickey cartoons of Plane Crazy and Steamboat
> Willy of 1929. Gemstone used this logo in 2003 after a lapse of 10  
> years since the preceding Gladstone
> second series of the 1990's did not make a Mickey Mouse comic book.  
> The "modern" appearance of this logo
> was in the Gladstone first series of the 1980's. Actually it was in  
> this first series comic books that Gary Leach
> was listed as giving his appreciated service to Disney fans as  
> production assistant under Bruce Hamilton.

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