BOOM! Scrooge and Marvel; French monochromatic caps

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Yes, Rich, on hearing the Disney/Marvel news, I also wondered whether when
BOOM!'s licenses for the Disney/Pixar characters run out, Disney would now
give those licenses to Marvel! 


Public radio's Marketplace program yesterday had a very interesting story
about Disney's purchase of Marvel. They said that Disney has been extremely
successful lately selling Tinkerbell/fairies stuff and the "Princesses"
line...but they have few characters that are successful in pushing
merchandise for boys (probably just Jack Sparrow, of Pirates of the
Caribbean). So they wanted Marvel because of the raft of guy characters!


Today at the comic store I saw in the new catalog-for-stores that BOOM! is
going to put out an Uncle Scrooge comic! Like some others who read this
list, I have been disappointed by BOOM!'s plans for the Donald Duck, Mickey
Mouse and WDC titles, since they all will initially feature mediocre
European stories that try to recast the classic characters as superheroes,
wizards, detectives, etc., rather than letting them be their funny
"everyperson" selves. But the Uncle Scrooge covers proposed are drawn by
Barks or by Rosa, which looks hopeful. Has anyone heard any rumors of what
they plan to publish in the U$ comic? And I am looking forward with some
hope to the hardcover collections they're planning with adult collectors in
mind (Christmas classics, Valentine's classics, Donald "Quack Up" etc.). 


I recently bought a Journal de Mickey album from, and I was curious
to note that Huey, Dewey and Louie are all depicted wearing red caps in all
the stories. Is that still how stories are colored in France? The
Scandinavian comics friends have brought me from their trips to Europe all
have HD&L in their red, blue and green caps.





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