BOOM! Mediocre Mickey

Francesco Spreafico francesco.spreafico at
Fri Sep 4 15:57:40 CEST 2009

2009/9/3 Ole Nielsen <ole2001 at>:

> Not only will the upcoming stories appeal to a wider audience than the
> rusty ol' Barks canon, it may even turn out as less mediocre than
> expected.

No they won't. We're talking about some of the worst Disney stories
ever written. It's not a matter of being European, it's just that
franky, they suck beyond belief. (I'm talking again about Wizards of
Mickey, of course.)

Of course we can hope that Boom will expand to GOOD stories, after
they're done with those announced.

> Yet, when it comes to the Wizards of Mickey story arc you have to
> wonder. The average-looking 6.2 rating on COA/INDUCKS hides a far from
> average voting spread. ( See it for yourself at
> )
> Half the votes are 0-1 or 9-10?! For a story in ten chapters, drawn by
> seven different artists it seems likely that those votes are knee-jerk
> love/hate votes. You may find the whole idea of Mickey reborn the
> Wizard's apprentice in Tolkien meets Dragonball mode a little too
> clever a marketing ploy, as do I. (But if it gets the kids to read
> comics, I'll pass on the rant.)

It DOES NOT get kids to read comics. This is a legend. Kids are not
idiots, everyone that writes thinking they are is wrong.

> You who already read the story and voted, please take a moment to
> consider if you evaluated the story fairly. Many of you clearly
> didn't, because it just doesn't consistently stink so badly over 266
> pages. In all fairness, even if you loved it, it's not that brilliant
> and original either.

I've taken more than a moment. I even kind of liked the first part of
the first story. I was ready to give it the benefit of the doubt. But
it degraded right away, sorry, but that's a fact.

(BTW the art is awesome. One more reason to hate it, such a waste of good art!!)


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