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Sat Sep 5 01:14:37 CEST 2009

I never got around to reading the last 4-5 Gemstone Uncle Scrooges  and 
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories - and before Gemstone went under, i was  
seriously considering no longer buying these comics.  Even though i've  been 
reading them for over 40 years. Even though i find even the worst Dell  Disney 
to be entertaining - 
  If (as expected) the Boom!s are a bust - the price point at  least will 
make me buy a handful of issues. 
I really do want to enjoy Disney comics for another 20 years - but I sure  
wont if they are like the later Gemstones.  
I know that some of you like this stuff, and im glad for you.    if enough 
of you do, then Disney comics will be in the USA awhile.
grumpy ole Steven Rowe

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