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Fri Sep 11 16:51:45 CEST 2009


Is Don  Rosa still lurking around here?? Any news about him, his health 
condition?? I  haven't heard anything for him in months :(

Plus, if Don you're  still lurking around i would like to ask you if you 
know anything about what's  going on in Greece about KOMIX and publications of 
your work. I hope you will  see the message and answer.. Or at least anyone 
who knows any news about  Don.

Wishes from Greece

I have been in contact with Don this week. He is doing well. He has been  
seen at some shows around the United States. He will be in Baltimore,Maryland 
 for that show, in October. As for Komix in Greece, he will have to answer  
that himself, though I will ask him.
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