Architects Error

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Fri Sep 25 13:39:24 CEST 2009

When I asked Dan about it, he said it was a genuine error.  I like the idea of a story based on this sealed off space very much, and I do seem to recall suggesting it to Don at the time.  Certainly it would need someone with his dedication to research to pull it off, and I imagine it would also need to fit with the stories Don has already written about the old fort, the Junior Woodchucks and Scrooge's early history.

In my minds eye I see the designer spotting the error but then I see Scrooge forbidding any variation to contract which would cost him more money so it doesn't get corrected.


> - There's an accidentally sealed off secret hollow space in the 
> basement, I kind of liked this architect's error so I left it in.

I wonder if it really is an architect's error, or if there's a story behind 
the construction of this inaccessible vault, that's waiting to be told. I 
guess only Don and Dan know.

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