which car colour for the Wonderful Whizzix?

nils at math.uio.no nils at math.uio.no
Sat Sep 26 12:45:47 CEST 2009

I've always liked the "MM & the Wonderful Whizzix" story
(Dick Moores, F.C. 427, 1952). It is mildly disturbing
to a sensitive reader, though, that the car in question
is *green* on the cover, but consistently *red* throughout
the story in side.

And now Egmont's Hall of Fame series has produced
a full hard-cover Dick Moores book (complete with
an informative preface by Germund von Wowern).
But [make room for "arrrgghh"-sounding sounds here]
-- the car is now *ugly, stark, blue*. It simply strikes
me as dead wrong. It's partly the blue-ness, but
perhaps even more the shinyness & starkness
of it -- this is supposed to be an old & worn-out car,
not a shiny thing from the assembly lines of Detroit.
Don't the Editors & Colour People have a sense of
piety (and aesthetics)?

Nils Lid Hjort

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