Virtual Disney cards on Papersera

Paolo Castagno paolo at
Mon Feb 15 18:55:12 CET 2010


Trying to create some noise on this too silent list, I'm
back writing
here after years since my last message, with a proposal to
all of you.

For those who are interested, and who can read/perceive some
on Papersera ( just started a game
that might
be of some interest to you: I made a game consisting of a
of **virtual** Donald Duck related trading cards, with an
album to
collect them.
They are virtual since they only exists on the website, are
not for
sale or printed in any way.

I'll try to explain the "rules", but bear with me: it's
difficult in Italian, in English I'm quite sure I won't made
understand a lot... BTW, every day, hidden among the
webpages, are located from 1 to 5 packs, each containing 6
cards. By clicking on the pack, once you've found it, the
cards will
"pop-up" and the ones you miss will be automatically added
to your
album, wile the ones you might already own, will be
available for you
to arrange exchanges with the other participants.

There are 562 cards to be found, and several weeks to "play"
the game.
Well, I think that showing you how it works can make you
understand it
better than my words, if you're interested take a look to
following pages:

The album (55 pages):

Some explanations:

Where to exchange your doubles:

Where to read further informations, and ask for
clarifications (also
in English):

In order to participate is required an account, you can get
one on this page:

Feel free to ask me further informations, and enjoy this

 - Paolo

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