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Thu Feb 18 17:46:12 CET 2010

schulte at writes:

> With Kindle and other so-called "e-books" I do wonder if Internet
> paperless publishing is not the best way to continue the tradition of
> Disney Comics as handed down to us by Barks, Rosa, et al.  On the

I understand reading on computer means less dead trees, and that it
takes less physical space, but I still print documents to read them on
paper, and I sometimes I find I like to read it on a real-book-form.

In my opinion it should be investigated - there might be some demand for
Disney Comics e-books. As far as it is delivered with quality and on an
acessible format, it is another way to sell comic books. But I would
keep also the dead-trees branch of the business.

> other hand, perhaps the comic-book story
> is obsolescent?  Today's Wall Street Journal has an article on 3-D
> cartoons coming out this Spring and Summer, along with regular movies

This is probably tue to Avatar, in the next months I'd expect some 3D

> (over 20 total:
>  how does a $9.00 comic book compete with a $9.00 ticket to a 3-D
> movie?  To be sure, you can keep and re-read the comic book.
> But for the new "thrill me more" generations, that might be a
> difficult proposition to sell.
>  3-D Cartoons

You can ask the same question with a DVD/VHS release: if you buy your
copy you can keep it and watch as many times as you want.

Nuno J. Silva

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