Goofy family tree

MIQUEU p.miqueu at
Sat Feb 27 08:56:45 CET 2010

Hi everyone!
I made some researches on INDUCKS about goofy's relatives. I found a 
large bunch of chararcters that I don't have in my collection.
So I ask you, if it's possible, to check in your collection if you have 
the following issues:

*Relative’s name*


*Story code*

Uncle Fiasco


B75203 / S65015

Uncle Nicolino



Uncle Grubley



Uncle Wombat


YM 127

Uncle Dizzy


D97075 / ZM 37-11-14

Uncle Pateco



Uncle Twitch


ZM 50-03-19

Uncle Firthwell


ZM 53-08-09

Uncle Tat


ZM 57-08-09

Uncle Mark T. McGoof



Uncle ?


W MM 47-05

Uncle ?


W MM 58-02

Uncle Tom


S 81175

Grand-uncle Silas


D 2006-015

Grand-uncle Goofini


D 2002-127

Aunt Hattie


W MM 143-01

Ancestor Dingobert ?


F JM 012277

Great-grand uncle ?


D 2002-174

It would be very nice to send me a scan and a description of the 
characters (the way how he's related to Goofy)
I also put in the same tree Clarabelle and Horace's families, so if you 
find something about them, tell me! Thank you very much!

Last thing: about the Mickey family tree, I need the original (italian) 
name of Mickey's grandfather in "“/Topolino, imperatore della 
Calidornia/” (I TL 274-AP) by Romano Scarpa. Is it Tony Toponi? I 
especially need his family name. By the way, I have entirely re-worked 
my Mickey family tree, so you can have a look at it:
Thank you!

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