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Many thanks to Gary Leach and all the others who have explained the ins, outs, ups, and downs of copyright laws, etc. 
for the future of electronic publishing!  It still remains to be seen whether the companies will hold on to the post-sale status
of their products so tightly that they limit the sales of their products!  Psychologically, when a person pays money for a product,
they want to feel that the company is no longer hanging around them to tell them what they can or cannot do with it.

It also remains to be seen whether e-books/e-comic books are a viable product.  I would think yes, but who knows?
Whatever happens, I still think comic books, and particularly Disney Comics in the tradition of Barks and Rosa, (and others e.g. William Van Horn,
Pat Block, et al.) are an important gateway to future literacy for children.  The optimistic cultural values of the Disney tradition
(e.g. diligence, faithfulness, persistence, curiosity, ambition, courage), devoid of the dark gruesomeness found in the super-hero/super-villain genre, 
need to be continued.  

Best Wishes!
L. Schulte

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