Barks - Golden Apples & Rug Riders In The Sky

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I think your guess is likely accurate.

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> The final panel of 'Rug Riders In The Sky' shows a furious Magica throwing
> stones at Scrooge.
> It just struck me that this ending is similar to what Barks has said about
> the ending of the lost 'golden apples' story:
> "Daisy was so jealous that she was throwing things at Donald, and she was
> not acting in a ladylike manner." (1974 interview with Michael Barrier)
> According to Barks, in the same interview, this was the only excuse the
> editor gave him for rejecting the 'golden apples' story.
> So, I'm surprised that he made another story with such an ending. Or is
> Magica safe to use and Daisy not?
> Daniël
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