Why Donald Stays With Daisy

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Kriton wrote:

Is she? Donald has found the courage to enter Magica's lair on occasion, but he has gone to great lengths to avoid the unpleasantness that he knows Daisy is about to inflict on him (spring cleaning, boring social events, etc.). Even when he does want to be with her, he usually has to win some competition or other before he can have the privilege of dancing or having lunch with her. 
Given all this, I wonder why Donald bothers sticking with Daisy! 

Easy!  True love!  Although in the Disney Universe, taking the next step to the hatching of eggs, is scrupulously out of sight and avoided.  
Showing bravery on the battlefield was nothing for some WWII veterans I knew: but like Donald, they were often AWOL when it came to the "unpleasantness" which their wives had planned!  
Best Wishes!
L. Schulte

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