Broken Inducks-links at Wikipedia

Troels Agerholm paj at
Mon Jun 28 14:22:34 CEST 2010

> Daniel wrote:
>>> At Wikipedia I found broken links to stories at Inducks.

2010/6/28 Arthur <arthurdewolf at>:
> You can click "edit" and fix it yourself. That's the nice thing about Wikipedia.

Yes, but actually there seems to have been an update at inducks which
suddenly made all the links unusable.

Cool URIs don't change: (and
quite ironically: the old link to that article does not work anymore)

Someone at inducks should add redirects for the old link style (this
is something that could be done in like 10 minutes).

(So I hope someone is listening or, that someone knows who to tell.)

Best wishes
Troels Agerholm

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