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Unfortunately, the ever-increasing electronic takeover of our kids' world will not allow comics (especially Disney comics) to be around for many more years. At least in the U.S.A.

---- Cord Wiljes <cord at wiljes.de> wrote: 
> I remember a study in which Chinese native speakers read Chinese Texts to
> very young (<1y) children. Later in life the children were able to speak
> Chinese sounds which were not part of their own language, even though they
> never learned Chinese. When the same experiment was repeated with records
> instead of human readers no effect was found. So the human interaction
> (emotion!) seems to be absolutely essential for motivation and learning even
> (or especially) at this young age.
> I have repeatedly heard from adults who had never read comic books in their
> own childhood that they had serious problems reading comics now because they
> did not know where to start or how to preceed. They had not learned the
> "language" of comics at an early age.
> I believe comics are very good source of reading material for children
> because they have pictures which is very important, the feature recognizable
> characters, and they have the appeal of "not just for kids" which marks most
> great childrens' books. I have read Donald Duck and Asterix to the children
> of friends and they liked it very much. And once the children start learning
> to read you can alternate: The adult reads the first panel and the child the
> second one.
> I also noticed how much children, even at the youngest age, recognize and
> appreciate quality. Not only do they instinctively prefer Barks' stories
> over others' but they even know which Barks stories they like best. They are
> very good critics.
> Cord  

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