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Thank you for sharing these with the community - You did a great job and this reminds me so much of spending hours as a kid (I am a baby boomer), drawing Disney characters to create my own little fantasy world (we were pretty poor then and Disney's & Hanna-Barbera were my outlets).

How did you create these and how did you change their outfit/costumes?

Thank you again, great idea



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Not sure if this will interest anyone on list, but since I haven't posted much
over the past couple years, I thought I'd share with you something I've been
doing for the past couple months just for fun.
I doubt any of you are aware that back around 2003, myself (under the handle
"Torch") and an on-line friend named Robert (Bobster), both being fans of Marvel
& DC comics, undertook the idea of creating a template for other fans to
basically create their own avatars.  We called this "Micro-Heroes".  Later it
evolved and more templates were created.  You may have seen them all over the net
since they caught on and became really popular.  After many characters were
created, clothing templates were created, and it became sort of a "paper doll"
like thing for fans.  Over the years TV shows, like "Star Trek" and movies like
"Harry Potter" and even sports stars were created as Micro-Heroes.  Lately, I
started playing around (by request) with the idea of making Disney Princesses and
finally creating a template for making Disney Ducks.
Here's some examples of my Disney stuff:
Disney Duck & Mouse Universes
Disney Star Trek
Disney Princesses & Heroines
Please enjoy.
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