Current state of Disney comics in North America

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Years ago, I bought many of the Disney titles (usually searching for Don 
Rosa stories) and a variety of Superman and Spider-man comics (and a few 
others).  Then the cost went too high, and several of my favourite 
artists stopped drawing those titles.  Long after I stopped Super-hero 
comics though, I would buy any Rosa story that came out.

Now, I only buy the Don Rosa reprints (I have the hardcover and 
softcover versions of the Life of Scrooge) and I'm looking forward to 
the Donald Duck collections.

My eldest son, who is an even greater comic collector, has been 
purchasing everything of late as trade paperbacks (lots of Super-heroes, 
mostly, new and old).  That way he can get a complete story all at once, 
in high-quality reprint form, and they look much nicer on your shelf.  
He's also a fan of Barks and Rosa and Gottfredson, like me, and has 
little use for most of the other Disney stuff.


On 25/08/2011 10:50 AM, Brian Tucker wrote:
> It's been some time since I've received anything from this list, and 
> am wondering if it is still active at all.
> Does anyone have any information on what is happening with North 
> American Disney comics from Boom? They have stopped publishing new 
> issues, although their license apparently runs for another year. They 
> don't answer emails sent to them.
> Is David Gerstein still on this list? He did some work for Boom. 
> David, can you give us some insight?
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