Swedish extra books of Carl Barks Samlade verk?

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Hello all!
Does anyone over here know what is the situation with the Swedish extra books of Carl Barks Samlade verk?Three of them already out. Fourth stil coming:
-Vem är vem i Ankeborg (who is who (all character appeared on Barks' comics)-Bruno Björn och vänner (Barney Bear)-Carl Barks De tecknade filmerna Animationsarbete vid Walter Disney Studios (animation works)- upcoming book of oils, containing all Barks Disney paintings
I was following this oil painting book on my internet bookshop, and now they say it is sold out!?  Even before it have been published?!!?all swedish bookstores list its status as:Status: Definitivt slut
Definitively sold out.
Las time I heard about the book, editors were seeking the best possible printing proofs for it.
What is the situation? Any editors over hear? Stefan Diös? Someone?
Best WishesTimo

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