Donald Duck: Patent Foiler (DCML Digest, Vol 96, Issue 6) and Shaun Craill

Shaun Craill shaun at
Sat Feb 26 22:02:52 CET 2011

Just a quick update and a thank you for those who have sent their wishes, I 
have now heard from all of my family and most of my friends, and so far 
everyone is OK.  Most had temporarily left town but are now coming back as 
power is restored.  I've heard quite a few stories of near misses, and a few 
friends have lost businesses, jobs and houses.
The main Christchurch comic shop is located in a block of older buildings in 
one of the more affected streets, so chances are good that it is totalled. 
Everybody from the shop is OK.  I know Tim the owner quite well, his kids 
and my kids went to the same school, and last year we did a combined comic 
and gaming elective module for the school which was a lot of fun.  He 
doesn't know if the shop has been condemned or not.  His website is:

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