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Matt Yacklin wrote:

15 years to complete the set? That seems, well, odd


 That is what I thought!  And your comments on distribution show that this problem persists.  I recall years ago, when we here on the Disney Comics list were suggesting ideas to promote sales for Gladstone/Gemstone, I mentioned that the Disney Stores in the shopping malls should be an obvious place for a display.

We were told, however, that Disney wanted absolutely no comic-book racks in its stores!  Maybe they were afraid it would attract "the wrong people"...who knows?  Barnes and Noble and other such stores have all kinds of "dark" superhero nonsense, and even Archie comics (???), but nothing from Barks or Rosa.

It almost seems...conspiratorial!    Sales stay low among cognoscenti, and cannot be increased among children because distribution is restricted, so prices stay high, preventing parents who can find the books from buying the comics for their kids.
But we will not complain too much!  Perhaps this project will reveal Duckburg to the present generation going through the schools.

Best Wishes!

L. Schulte

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