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Hey All,
As frustrating as it is that strips are reprinted censored or missing - I am
at least glad that they're being reprinted, period.

I seem to recall that for a long time (at least here in the US) 1960s to
early 80s (before Gladstone) only a few instances (if at all) where Mickey
strips were reprinted.  The Smithsonian book, Abbeville Press books & some
scattered gag-a-day reprints.

When D23 reprinted the Death Valley continuities I saved every single strip
because I had only read it from April 1st to June 21st and wanted to read
the rest unaltered.  They skipped from the June 21st strip to Sept 19th.  I
used to their feedback form on D23 site and received this reply back.  The
original email and reply and is in bold.

August 4th, 2009

*I was very much looking forward to reading the Mickey Mouse In Death*
*Valley continuity that was being serialized on the website.  But it*
*seems a huge chunk of that continuity has been skipped and it's already*
*three months in to the story.*
* *
*There was a strip from June 21st, 1930 where Mickey & Minnie just got*
*off the train after a run-in with Pete & Sylvester Shyster.  I noticed*
*all of a sudden the next strip was on September 17th & it looks like*
*Mickey & Minnie are being picked up in a plane from Death Valley by*
*Minnie's Uncle Mortimer (who we thought earlier had just died?!?)  so we*
*don't how they got to Death Valley & what happened to Pete & Shyster or*
*everyone else...*
* *
*Would it be possible to put up these missing dates, so we all can read*
*it & see what happened?  It would be June 23rd - to September 17th...*
* *
*Thanks again for your great work*
*The reply I received back*

*Dear Tom,*

* *

*Thank you for contacting us.*

* *

*We are glad to hear you are enjoying the Funny Page.  We try to show the*

*comic strips in order but sometimes we are unable to do so.*

* *



*D23 Guest Services*


There must have been another huge gap in a continuity where I wrote them
again -- I found this from Jan 5th, 2010

*Hello Tom,*

* *

*Thank you for your letter.*

* *

*In some cases we are not able to present select strips and are forced to*

*skip ahead.*

I was hoping that I could get a more specific response than these canned
responses.  Who knows?  Maybe the archives are very strict about what they
can and can't tell people who ask up front why they won't reprint certain

I am glad that they're reprinting the strips though.  I'm crossing my
fingers that the collection comes out in May & is not held up in the middle
of production.  I'm wondering if this going to be a limited release like the
Treasures sets or a la Disney Vault.  Anyone from Fantagraphics on this
list whose *allowed* to comment since the book's not out yet?


Tom Wormstedt

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Subject: RE: Mickey Mouse daily strips on D23 (Olivier)
 If the Fantagraphics edition will miss as many strips as the website has
omitted then the early Mickey adventures will be heavily butchered and
almost unreadable in parts.
As an example in Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure Island the cannibals and
Mickey attacks the crooks. Several strips omitted here. In the next strip
the cannibals flee from the battle.
More strips omitted here. In the next strip Mickey is tied to a tree in
front of a cannon.

The publication on D23 is sadly awfully incomplete when it concerns Mickey.

 Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 10:50:43 +0100

I forgot to call your attention yesterday on the fact that the cannibals
have not been censored in the continuity ("Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure
Island") currently published on D23 :


The previous one ("The Great Orphanage Robbery")

I hope this is a good sign for Fantagraphics' collection; has the decision
been made, or is the Walt Disney Company testing the waters through their
site, seeing what the reactions are, before granting the right to reprint
all the strips, unaltered?
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