DCML Digest, Vol 107, Issue 3

Olivier mouse-ducks at orange.fr
Fri Apr 6 17:36:09 CEST 2012

>>>>> It makes little sense for this to be a reference to Wild Bill Hickok,
who died a lifetime before,
>>>>> in the context of spoofing famous current actors.

I know, but I couldn't think of  anyone else.

>>>>> More likely the reference is to (Wild) Bill Elliott, who starred in
various westerns
>>>> and the popular serials shown alongside the lead features at movie
theatres at the time.
>>>>> One can speculate that his rise to stardom may have affected his self
image, and by anyone
>>>>> but the matinee audience of children (remember the Barks one-pager?)
he would be considered a "ham".

I would have thought such a thing to be hard to find on the Net or simply
imdb, buried among millions of results pertaining solely to Hickok; were you
aware of  this actor, or did you do a much better research job than I?

Thank you very much, Ole!
I am correcting this right after sending my e-mail; I can still make a new
photocopy of  the sheet containing this strip (all the strips and panels I
have selected are on separate sheets, so 8 copies only need to be replaced).

I will also copy your reply on the Disney Comics Forum, where I had posted
my question as well.

Have a nice week-end, and a happy Easter!


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