Ham Mock?

Olivier mouse-ducks at orange.fr
Mon Apr 9 12:31:30 CEST 2012

>>>>> my knowledge of Elliott was limited to the aforementioned comic books,
published by Dell.
>>>>> Which was a pointer in the direction, as you probably figured the
reference to Dell founder
>>>>> George Delacorte with the videophone bellydancer Rita Delacorte a few
strips earlier.

Gosh, I'm ashamed to say I had not realized this, even though that's one
strip I picked.
I should have been more careful; in my defense, all I can say is that I was
mostly focused
on what panels to use, and what words needed explaining-- and I haven't read
Mr. Delacorte in a long while.
Darn, this was an obvious one, too.

>>>> Are you doing an expo of some kind, or a very limited print run fan

Nope, just a little homework for my students: comment on the panel(s) or
more specifically, they have to discuss the invention depicted and the use
of humor
(What is funny? Why? What kind of humor is it? How is it created?)
I have chosen enough panels and strips so that only two students within a
have the same one.

Thanks again, Ole!


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