Massive Barks/Rosa Sale of comics

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I am a retired collector now selling my approximate 3770 issue color comic
and black/white comic magazine collection.

Approximately 584 of these are Walt Disney funny animal comic items from
various publishers with 95% or better containing interior art by CARL BARKS
and/or DON ROSA.  The vast majority of the Barks stories are reprints and
Rosa's stories are first appearance.  I have pulled a score or so of my
very favorite stories for permanent retention and these are not included.
Average condition is Fine or better; many were bought new off the
newstands.  Barks and Rosa page counts and reference back to original
publication appearance are on the file.

These comics have been conservatively graded by me--condition guaranteed,;
they are bagged, boarded, and have been in storage for the most part for
decades.  These are priced at moderate prices and are available one-by-one
or in a group.  Discounts would be available for large orders.

The other 3,000 plus issues are the wonderful works of Wally Wood, Al Toth,
Al Williamson, Alex Nino, Richard Corben, Reed Crandall, Johnny Craig,
Nestor Redondo, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, John Severin, Russ Heath,
Gottfredson, P Gulacy, Bernie Wrighton, Bob Powell, Rudy Nebres, and scores
more of the best artists working between late 1940's and about 1990.

The black and white issues include long runs of Creepy, Eerie, Spirit,
Psycho, Unknown Worlds of SF, Savage Sword of Conan, Savage Tales, Howard
the Duck, 1984/1994, Vampirela, etc.

I am located in Alabama, in southern USA.  I have a master list on Excel
and I have a Walt Disney sub-list on Excel; I could e-mail as an attachment
either/both to serious-in-buying persons.  I also have a
rudimentary website that includes some 12,000 paper
collectibles, but which has not been updated lately for sales.  Please
ignore the detective pulp list as most have been sold and the balance I
will soon list on Ebay.  I sell from time-to-time as "lagri84" on Ebay.

Any and all contact should be made to me at
decliningreturns at gmail.comrather than the email address listed on the

I pack very carefully, ship internationally, and have shipped to England,
Australia, New Zealand, France, Japan, Belgium, and Singapore.

Sale of items will run through the second week of August only.  After that
they will not be available on the market.

regards from a 50 year period collector (NOT a dealer),

Ken McDaniel...............
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