Greetings from Don Rosa!

Anke Stueber stueberahoo at
Wed Oct 10 12:26:12 CEST 2012


I saw Don Rosa during his signing tour through Germany this weekend.
There was a big queue of comic enthusiasts of all ages wanting to meet
him, so it took me three hours to finally get to him. He says he still
reads DCML and sends his regards to the list. You can find pictures of
the tour on his facebook page[1]. Many pictures also show the peppers
that he brought to share with his fans, and I can tell you, they _are
hot_. ;)

Unfortunately, I was too far back in the queue to get a drawing, but I
got the german 2008 hardcover collection of "The Life and Times of
Scrooge McDuck" signed and I'm rereading it now. Its german translation
is much closer to the original than what I've seen published before
(although the translation of most stories is by Peter Daibenzeiher, as
before), so it's fun reading it and spotting the differences.

On a side note, I also got the first two books of the very nice
Fantagraphics "Complete Carl Barks Disney Library", so I guess I won't
be doing much work the next few days, since I need the time to read comics!

Regards from Berlin,


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