Olivier mouse-ducks at
Wed Jan 2 17:14:47 CET 2013

>>>>> and I agree. It looks fully unserious to me -- in particular the awful
price for 12 pages
>>>>> without even an author's name to it, but also "the project" itself. My
level of skepticism
>>>>> did now decrease after this brief exchange with the seller

Still not much information.

I have just searched for this title, and the most interesting result so far
is this reference on the Disney Comics Forum, last September (on the 27th--
that's message # 24):
"There is a follow up to it "Scrooge McDuck Capitalist and Proud"  that I
have been dying to read but alas the last time I saw it for sale it was 300
(far too much for my stingy heart).
Here is a link to an online PDF of "How to Read Donald Duck", copies of it
do pop up on ebay from time to time as well.
Also, here is a link to one of the authors follow ups, after learning that
most of what he was attacking was the work of one man. . _2/kunzle/
And lastly here is my reply to "The Parts That Got Left Out of the Donald
Duck Book,
or: How Karl Marx Prevailed Over Carl Barks"  which I'll post on my rather
empty blog.  I actually already quoted a couple of paragraphs on this in my
last post. "


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