Disney Comics in Portugal

Nuno J. Silva nunojsilva at ist.utl.pt
Thu Jan 3 09:26:38 CET 2013

Oh, thanks!

I wonder how many pages will Comix have. I remember the cheapest ones
from Edimpresa (Pato Donald and Tio Patinhas) used to be 1.98 EUR, Comix
is cheaper, but, on the other hand, if it is weekly, I guess it does not
have that many pages...

What about Hiper Disney, do you know if they are going to continue the
series numbering where Edimpresa left it, or start anew from 1? (Once
again, just curious. If they start anew, it will be fun if they ever
launch Pato Donald, the Edimpresa one was already "Pato Donald (Segunda
Série)" in INDUCKS...)

On 2013-01-02, Rui Maricato wrote:

> Actually it's a publisher named Goody. Here's an article about it (in
> portuguese, sorry):
> http://www.goody.pt/noticias/disney-comix-de-volta/?refhome
> They have a monthly magazine (Hiper Disney, like the one from before)
> and a weekly one (Comix), which is something new, at least for me.
> Perhaps back in the 70s or 80s the Disney comics were also weekly?
> On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 10:27 AM, Nuno J. Silva <nunojsilva at ist.utl.pt> wrote:
>> On 2012-12-26, nils at math.uio.no wrote:
>>> Indeed I was, and gently so -- but (1) I quite liked this
>>> fado and (2) at any rate Rui Maricato tells me that
>>> Disney Comics is now back in business in Portugal,
>>> with both a weekly and a monthly magazine, after
>>> a six years hiatus. So perhaps Don's popularity
>>> *is* growing in Portugal, after all.
>> Hmm.... just curious: do you happen to know who is publishing the new
>> magazines? Still Edimpresa (formerly Abril/ControlJornal), or some other
>> publisher?

Nuno Silva (aka njsg)

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