Contents of Uncle Scrooge #2

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Hey David, great job on Scrooge #405 and its wonderful return to the US!   Its fantastic to have the Ducks back and your help bringing it back!!


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	Hey Kriton,

> As Scrooge's picture in the contents page is in Freccero's style, I searched for one-pagers featuring Scrooge and drawn by Freccero, and I had no trouble locating the picture. The story is I TL 2252-04 (Tagli energetici). According to I.N.D.U.C.K.S. and the credits on the scan of the page, it is written by Alberto Savini, not Bruno Sarda, so it seems I did find an error in the contents page!

	Doggone it - unfortunately, I think this is *my* mistake. I'd love to know how I pulled off that bloomer. (I think I may have had a different piece by Sarda in that position at first...) I'll see about running a correction in an upcoming issue.

	Best, D
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