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Hello to all the ones still receiving this old and full of glory mailing

I'm writing this here since I'm sure that many of you might be interested
in knowing this stuff: a couple of weeks ago, in the Lucca Collezionando
Italian comic convention, the Papersera (an association of Disney comics
scholars and enthusiasts) presented an (unauthorized) comic book featuring
a new story from Carl Barks!

Let me explain this a bit...

Years ago Antonio Barbé was having a correspondence with Barks, and among
other disscussions, he sent Barks a couple of plotts for duck stories.
Barks answered his letter by suggesting gags, features and ideas to Antonio
for one of the plots (the lettere from Barks is also reproduced in the
comic book).
In the following years Antonio made a completeand detailed writing of this
story, and Alessandro Santi, another Papersera member, penciled the first
few pages. Then the story was proposed to Egmont, Disney Italia, Panini...
but nothing happened.
Last summer Alessandro proposed to me - hence to the Papersera association
- to publish in some way this story, he drew, inked and colored all the
pages and what we have now is a sort of imitation of an official "Uncle
$crooge" issue, celebrating the 70th $crooge's birthday, where the story
“Uncle Scrooge – The Pressed Dollars” is printed, together with all the
details of its realization (5 euros for the benefit of Save the Children),
printed in just 200 copies.

I suppose we sholud also include this story/issue in Inducks! :-)

For contacts, details and a cover image take a look at the following URL:

(only in Italian, sorry)


-  Paolo

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