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David Gerstein ramapith at
Sat Jan 2 18:25:58 CET 2021

	Hi Rich,

> Greetings.  I have forgotten the name of a fairly obscure character (see attachment).
> I may be incorrect, but I seem to remember this character was a pal of Donald Duck.

	Yes, this is Mac the sailor from old British stories (and one more recent Egmont story, where a writer friend of mine used him):

> I believe he was Donald’s sailing companion in old comic strips from the 1940s or 50s.

	Well, 1930s and (early) 1940s.

> He was featured in strips shortly after the Donald and Donna Duck serial comic strips.

	As you'll see from the accurate Inducks link above, he actually first appeared in the "Donald and Donna" serial.

	Now I'm curious how you happened to have an image of him without knowing his name…

	Best, Dave

David Gerstein
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