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Sat Aug 8 21:54:00 CEST 1992

I just thought of some other characters that do recur quite often in Disney
Comics: Jaq & Gus-Gus.  The mice from Cinderella are constantly helping
Grandma Duck out on her farm.  So I guess they are sort of like Mad Madam Mim,
but I would still think their *proper* listing would be under the Cinderella
Universe (yet another of Disney's sub-universes).  What do you think?

BTW what *is* Grandma Duck's name?

In reference to "Profiles", I am currently trying to put together short
profiles on each of the popular and some of the minor characters to include
data such as furry-animal species, relations, occupation(?) and a brief
biographical history.  Also listed (if possible) would be their first
appearance in cartoons (and/or the written medium if known). Perhaps it could
even contain some little known, but interesting trivia (like what's their most
famous saying: Goofy "gawrsh!", etc. or something truely different).

Of course the Fab Five would be first to be profiled (Mickey, Minnie, Donald,
Pluto & Goofy), to be followed by Daisy, Fifi, Clarabelle, Horace, Clara
Cluck, Pete, Gyro, Scrooge, Heuy-Dewey & Louie, and a few others.  Does this
sound like something this Mailing List would be interested in seeing?

I'd like to dialogue with others on the best approach to this.  As many might
know, some characters (especially Goofy) have multifacetted background that
are difficult to puzzle together.

Much of this will have to be delayed until after I purchase the new
Enclyclopedia of Wlt Disney's Animated Characters, though.

You know, I was just thinking.  I'm sure that with a Mailing-List such as this
we could compile some pretty good stuff into a sort of FAQ document.  I'm sure
certain questions will eventually arise like "What was the very first Disney
comic (Newspaper strip/Comic Book)?" or "What were the character's original
names (i.e. Mickey = Mortimer; Daisy = Donna; Pluto = Rover; Goofy = Dippy
Dawg; etc.)" and other such things.  I know there's a FAQ for r.a.d. and the
ranger-list (Disney Afternoon), but I don't recall too much in either
concerning this sort of thing...things perhaps that fans devoted to written
material might get into.  I read Marvel and D.C. comics and really like their
"Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe" and "Who's Who of the D.C.
Universe" pubs.  I'd really like to get something of that sort going on here
if y'all are interested.  I realize that the Disney Universe is very sporadic,
and almost completely lacking in the ties that bind the Marvel & D.C.
Universes together.  This would definitely have to be taken into account (i.e.
Goofy in animation and comics is sometimes Mickey's Pal, and other times he's
a famous historical person's bumbling relation.  Sometimes he's the
perpetual bachelor with nary an interest in women or families, while other
times he's portrayed as father/husband and now in GOOF TROOP, as single
father).  Is anyone up to the challenge?  Perhaps we could correspond via
e-mail to work out the details and over the mailing-list to determine what
people are interested in knowing about the characters (i.e. who voiced them,
who drew them, who wrote for them, etc.).

Sounds like a monumental undertaking, but I would suggest that it start with
the Fab Five and slowly envelop other characters of major importance. What do
y'all think?  I think the non-American angle would truely make for some fresh
and intriguing trivia (IMHO).

Well that's enough for now.


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