THE Gladstone Index

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon Dec 7 09:43:52 CET 1992

> As far as creative personnel are concerned, have you checked Overstreet's
> Comic Book Price Guide.  This title should be in every collector's
> library!

It's in mine. I have two editions (I think numbers 7 and 11).

> Most issue entries list significant writers and artists.  You may need to
> look at the original issue (Dell Four Color) to find it.

In my editions, they only list Carl Barks and Walt Kelly as significant 
artists. I expect Don Rosa to have shown up in newer editions, but that's 
about all one can get from Overstreet. They occasionally include the name of
Gottfredson, Taliaferro and Murry, but they are far from complete.

> There are many other price guides as well.

You may not be surprized that the _price_ of an American comic is the least
important information to me...

> Torsten at Omaha


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