Gladstone index

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon Dec 7 09:32:37 CET 1992

Torsten said something about the titles being wrapped to the next line. I
actually made the lines longer than 80 characters, so something must have
gone wrong in the mailing process. I don't like TABs in the list though,
because some stupid mailer might decide to replace them by an odd number
of spaces (as they did in the past).

Per Starback writes:

> I tried to use Harry's format except I took a blank writer column to
> mean that the writer was unknown and therefore always filled in the
> same name there as in the penciler column if I knew that the artist
> wrote the story as well.

That is a good idea. I thought of that, but I thought it was too much typing

> Also I didn't use Harry's no-caps style of
> writing titles, because I don't like it.  So there!

This also was because of the typing: I typed in the index with my right hand
only, while holding the comic in my left hand. So I didn't like to use the
shift key all the time. (The capitalization of the other columns was
easily done by a computer program.)

And Per, thank you for the errata. I can change my copy and resend it, but
I better wait till the other work is done, and the lists are merged.
(I volunteer to merge all lists and make programs to convert them into
any format you like.)


P.S. I wish I had more Gladstone comics. It feels strange not to be able
to type in new lists, since I finished my Dutch and Gladstone lists...

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